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Creation Beyond the Surface

My project is therapeutic in nature. The act of creating art is an individual, innate ability and transcends all boundaries.


I plan to work with different segments of communities throughout the United States such as battered women, the homeless and the mentally depressed. We will focus on nature, love and universal interconnectedness with an aim of facilitating hope and inner peace in an outdoor or controlled indoor setting.


My processes are intuitive which lends to freedom of creative expression. A great portion of my body of work contains mediums such as denim, paper, leather, fabrics, metal, precious stones, glass, twigs, etc. I have used different canvases such as violins, suitcases, jeans, window frames, mugs, bicycle rims and helmets.


I would like to help others with creative self-expression utilizing non-traditional mediums and loosely guided instruction. Creating art in this manner will serve as a release therapy and a self-validation for those who create with me, those who may view it and/or may add to it. I will seek permission to share these works in a public forum which may help shine a light on a population of our country that is under-diagnosed, untreated or disregarded.


Working with these groups and exhibiting their art will also serve as a reminder to be kinder to one another because we have no idea what another person may be experiencing. Moving forward, I believe creative self-expression is an extremely necessary function to the human experience especially for those who are suppressed in any manner.

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