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I am a self-trained artist with an extremely imaginative viewpoint. I love to hold a vision in my mind's eye, work towards creating it and see it manifested before my eyes. My range of creative interests span across different genres. My gifts were handed down by my late grandfather,  Benjamin R. Harrison whom I didn't have the privilege to know personally. His artwork hung prominently in my childhood home. He was the original creator of Johnson C. Smith University’s mascot; The Golden Bull (1917) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

My artistic expression has morphed and expanded over the years resulting in a selfish and unique perspective regarding my work. I describe myself as an Interdisciplinary Artist; a distinction that allows me to expand on abstract paintings, wire sculptures, textile bowls and art glass which have shown beautifully in international shops and galleries.

I've had the privilege of being an artist in Residence at Jardin Botanique de Marney-sur-Seine, France, studio artist at Litmus Studios and Galleries, ArtSpace, Raleigh, North Carolina and Heights Art Gallery in Houston. Texas. I also worked as a curator for galleries in North Carolina, Texas, France and South Africa. I collaborate with businesses, schools, orchestras, non-profits bringing visual aid to their mission. I've developed my own solo and group exhibitions in cross-continental exchanges. My work is and has been shown and collected regionally, nationally and internationally. 

I think outside of the box which grants me super-autonomy to explore unseen boundaries of creation. My unconventional thought processes and appreciation of visiting 'foreign' places is often underscored in my artwork. I was selected as one of 25 speakers from 256 nominees in the TedX_Durham series in 2016 titled "What is Ethnic Art?" A short talk about unconscious bias as it pertains to the viewers' expectations. I love expressing my passion, motivating and serving others through the gift of creative expression.


I currently live in Raleigh, NC home although my carefree spirit directs me to live and work in new communities when it makes sense to discover anew.

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