ClarKhay Johnson

After over a decade in the corporate world, I left to embrace my life's dream of being an artist. I am a self-trained and was inspired by my Grandfather - Benjamin R. Harrison - who worked as a dye-cutter at Case Hoyt in Rochester, NY. He was also the creator of Johnson C. Smith University’s mascot, - The Golden Bull, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

My artistic expression has morphed and expanded over the years, resulting in a highly personal approach and unique perspective. I describe myself as an Interdisciplinary Artist, a style that allows me to create abstract paintings, wire sculptures and textile bowls which show prominently in all of the shops and galleries where I exhibit.

I have worked as an artist in Residence at Jardin Botanique de Marney-sur-Seine, France and ArtSpace, Raleigh, NC. I also worked as a curator for galleries in North Carolina and Texas. My work is in high demand and I've been asked to create and show work for businesses, to create my own solo exhibitions, and to participate in cross-continent exchanges around the world. My work is/has been shown in North Carolina, Texas, New York, California, Spain, France, and South Africa.


I am never content to stand still and always looking for inspiration for the next piece. I like to travels and often incorporate those experiences into my art. I love to pursuing my passion, motivating others, and to serve. I was selected as one of 25 speakers from 256 nominees in the TedX_Durham series in 2016 titled "What is Ethnic Art?" 


I am currently calling Raleigh, NC home am always open to opportunities to live and work in new communities.

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