ClarKhay Johnson

After over a decade in the corporate world, I left to embrace my life's dream of being an artist. I am self-trained and inspired by my late Grandfather - Benjamin R. Harrison - who worked as a dye-cutter at Case Hoyt in Rochester, NY. He was the creator of Johnson C. Smith University’s mascot, - The Golden Bull, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

My artistic expression has morphed and expanded over the years, resulting in a highly personal approach and unique perspective. I describe myself as an Interdisciplinary Artist, a style that allows me to create abstract paintings, wire sculptures and textile bowls which show prominently in all of the shops and galleries.

I have experiences as an artist in Residence at Jardin Botanique de Marney-sur-Seine, France and ArtSpace, Raleigh, NC. I also worked as a curator for galleries in North Carolina, Texas, France and South Africa. I've enjoyed collaborations with businesses, orchestras, non-profits that bring visual aid to their mission. I've developed my own solo and group exhibitions in cross-continent exchanges around the world. My work is/has been shown in North Carolina, Texas, New York, California, Spain, France, and South Africa.


I am never content to stand still and always looking for inspiration for my next work of art. I love to travel and often incorporate those experiences into my art. I love pursuing my passion, motivating and serving others. I was selected as one of 25 speakers from 256 nominees in the TedX_Durham series in 2016 titled "What is Ethnic Art?" A short talk about unconscious bias as it pertains to persons of color creating artwork.


I am currently calling Raleigh, NC home although I am always open to opportunities to live and work in new communities.