About Clara K Johnson

Clara K Johnson is a self-trained artist whose talents were passed down from her late maternal grandfather, Benjamin R. Harrison, the creator of Johnson C. Smith’s mascot, The Golden Bull.  Even as a young girl she’d always known and demonstrated a creative spirit and ability. She fully embraced her life’s gift after working many years in a corporate environment.

Clara has exhibited her creative works of art throughout the United States in various galleries, art expos and functions. She has served as curator at Litmus Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina and Heights Arts Gallery in Houston, Texas.   Her fine works are carried in galleries in Charlotte; Durham; Wake Forest; Pittsboro; Raleigh, NC, Rochester; Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA.   Her portfolio of works includes although not limited to abstract painting, wire sculpture and textile bowls.

Clara was born in Rochester, New York and resides in her late father’s hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina.  She enjoys traveling, reading and serving others.

ALMOST every piece of artwork shown on this site is available either thru a website link or directly from CLARA. You may reach her thru the CONTACT page.

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